After The Rain

What is After The Rain?

After the Rain is a psychological roleplaying game. Where other games seek to build a character up, additing to their experiences and abilities, After the Rain experiments with what happens when a character loses pieces of themselves.

The game explores what becomes of a person when the core building blocks of their memory and personality have been removed. If someone has built their entire life around something, are they better for its loss or has something vital to their very nature been ripped away?

Only you can decide this, in After the Rain.

Special Reveal!

Riley and Kyle go through the stages of Desks and Dorks, leading up to their first 'official' Game Design Project!

After The Rain: An Interview

With a bit of a twist to the formatting, Riley interviews Kyle all about After The Rain, to help introduce it to all of you!

After the Rain is a true character driven RPG for 2-5 players, with options for a Game Master who wants to get in on the action and play a character of their own. After the Rain gives players the tools they need to great an emotional, character driven experience and see it to its completion in 2 to 3 hours.

Over the course of this time the players will work together to achieve a common goal while under the threat of having who they are washed away by a malevolent rain storm. With only four six sided dice, pencils, and your wits will you survive After the Rain?

Stay tuned for more updates, coming to Kickstarter Q2 2022.