Game Concepts:

Chainsmoke Your Problems Away: Face the greatest threat that has ever existed: The existential dread associated with your career. In Chainsmoke Your Problems Away you are an academic desperately trying to achieve tenure. At the beginning of the game you’ll be given a role card which determines your character’s personality and motivations. Each round you and the other players will be faced with a dilemma that your characters will need to solve. Based on the outcome you’ll be awarded tokens that either help or hurt your character’s goals. Will you manage to make tenure or will you wind up waiting tables at the local pancake palace? Again.

Kung Fu Ferrets of Outer Space: Have you ever wondered what’s in the stars? Can anyone truly appreciate the infinite vastness of space? If you answered “yes,” “ferrets?”, and “How did you get in here?” have we got the game for you. In Kung Fu Ferrets of Outer Space players take over opposing space ferret dojos. Send your ferrets out to conquer asteroids, teach them forbidden martial art moves and have them move across the stars to dominate the opposition.

Villains R Us: Welcome to Villains R Us. Every Fantasy game you’ve ever played, every story you’ve read. Fake. All of em. The truth is that it is your job to staff, run, and manage a “world in peril” that attracts would-be heroes. The longer the heroes remain in the world vanquishing evil and liberating ancient artifacts from tombs the more money you and your corporation get. However you have to walk a tightrope to make your world appealing. Make the evil threat on your planet too easy and the heroes will realize its all a game. Make it too hard and the heroes will run away like the cowards they are.

Red Panda Redemption: Play as a group of young red pandas as they play cowboy and attempt to be the rootinest tootinest cowpokes around. Every turn players attempt to travel across the wild west of the Red Panda’s imagination. To accomplish this the Panda’s will use their own unique stats and abilities to complete challenges and defeat their foes.

Rock on Roulette: Do you dare to risk the wrath of the whip cream cannon? In Rock on Roulette players will take turns laying cards that give them points. However, savvy players should beware. Each point given by their cards means they have to prime the cannon one additional time. Prime the cannon too many times and the cannon will explode leaving whip cream on your face. The last player to emerge unscathed wins.

Char Dee Mac Dennis: What if we made a game inside a game, inside another game, that required us to play more games? Taking inspiration from Mario Party and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Char Dee Mac Dennis is a board game extravaganza. During the game players will roll a 100 sided dice which will take them to one of 100 different mini games. Each victory in the mini game will allow the players to earn points that they will need to win the entire experience.

Road to Freedom: A storytelling game about the trials and experiences of immigrants and refugees seeking asylum in America. Road to Freedom puts players in the shoes of those individuals. Every turn players will manage resources, work through different struggles and try to make it to safe haven. Road To Freedom will draw extensively from existing projects like Amnesty International as well as drawing on the first hand accounts from those people who have made the journey and spoken about the dangers they faced.

Months the Game: Its time to engage with the most entertaining force on Planet Earth: calendars. In Months!: The Game players construct their own calendars with themes ranging from the innocuous to raucous! Will you craft a calendar that can withstand the test of time?

Bugles: A quick party game with just you, your friends, a couple of fancy cards, and of course your favorite snack; Bugles!

WheelChair World: Experience traveling by Wheelchair, with a twist!

(Un)Social Network: Create the most On-Brand post without getting dislikes!

Tickets to the Space Race: Sandbox your own routes and establish space colonies in this love-able, non-train based game!

Crushing: Imagine this; it's 1982, you're in high school, and your best friend is talking to your crush. Make sure no one else finds out!

Cut-Le-Fish: Mobster Fish tell the tale of how the target really is no sleeping with the fishes, with some twists!

Lizzard: A reptile based wargame in a box- with some bonus objectives!

Raising Caine: A lite-RPG where you all want to raise a demi-god into a normal life-except for the cultist in the mix!

Jeremy Quest: A worker placement game where you are all Jeremy, all the time, always fixing Pretzel Machines.

Dive: You play as a down-on-their luck Sous Chef working in a mall food court, balancing talent with paying the bills.

Kyle's Life:A drafting/game creation kit with a few twists. A true journey into the mind of our resident Dork.

Coolness: A game we haven't really seen before- just like the pants you may not be wearing.