You are a group of daring fish assassins, sent by the powerful boss Kraken to assassinate a target. You and your friends have returned from the mission but there is a dispute about who and how the target was killed. Now you must tell your stories to the great boss Kraken who will judge who earns the credit for the missions completion.

To begin the oldest player is Boss Kraken. Each other player is an assassin.

Deal a target card this is the target all players are trying to get.

Draw 2 cards: one implement and one technique.

You have 30 seconds to describe how you managed to defeat the target. Then after 30 seconds flip the top card of the implement or technique deck adding it to the two cards. The next player must incorporate that into their story. After each player has gone the Kraken gives 3 cards to the story they liked the best, they award 3 cards, the second best 2 cards, the third best 1 card.

After each player has been Kraken once, the player with the most cards awarded to them wins.